VeMarS has one of the most advanced naval simulators in Europe, for the training of Merchant Navy officials. The facilities are built on a 175sqm site, with six interactive ships controlled from a post outside the main ship and a debriefing room which is directly connected to the system network.

The simulator will have the seal of approval of the Ministry of Transport and the British DOT/MCA.

The entire simulation system is equipped with 36 computers, 27 TFT monitors with 19 inch, 20 inch and 23 inch screens and 10 projectors connected to the network.
The communication system from ship-to-ship and ship-to-instructor's console is operated by an on board VHF system.
The instructor controls from his post the regular carrying out of the practice in the five ships through a closed circuit TV system.

The simulator software has been created by Transas (Portsmouth, UK) a world leader in the field of naval and air simulators.

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