17 July 07

Meeting organized by Venice Maritime School and Venice Port Authority.

c/o Venice Port Authority
Zattere, 1401 30123 Venezia

and Venice Maritime School
Fabbricato 16 Sezione Portuale di S. Marta 30123 Venezia

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Presented reports (downloading allowed):

“Ministry of Transport on job regulations”
Dr. Massimo Provinciali (Ministry of Transport)

“Safety in passengers fleets”
Dr. Lorenzo Paolizzi (Fedarlinea General Condirector)

“Italian and international regulations about job on board”
Ing. Giuseppe Alati (Ministry of Transport)

“Application of D.Lgs. 271/1999”
Capt. Giovanni Faraguna (Venice Maritime School Courses Director)

"Application problems of job safety regulations for fishing industry ”   Presentation
Prof. Ing. Mauro Gaggero (Federcoopesca - Dept. Chemical and Process Engineering “G.Bonino” Genoa University)

“Active and passive safety of job on board - comparison with ISM”
Capt. Cosimo Sforza (DPA - Shipping Company MOTIA S.p.A.)

"Safety management of work environment"   Chart
Capt. Giacinto Cassavia (DPA and CSO - Pianura Armatori S.r.l.)

“Doctor role in disease and accident on work prevention within maritime sector”
Dr. Roberto Montagnani (MD Prevention Department Venetian S.P.I.S.A.L. U.L.S.S. 12)

“Application of D.Lgs. 271/1999 in inspection on board”
CV (CP) Alberto Diamantini (Venice Coast Guard)

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