The VeMarS instructors and teaching staff have worked as an integrated team for several years. They are certified by the State Administration and have experience and professionalism both in managing the simulators and the post diploma teaching courses for sailing maritime personnel. Some of them are also members of the Nautical Institute teaching staff.
The simulator training courses cover the main maritime areas of study such as:

  • Radar Basic;
  • Radar Basic;
  • Radar ARPA;
  • Bridge Teamwork Search & Rescue (SAR);
  • Bridge Team Management;
  • Ship Handling;
  • SAR Operations; Tugs & Mooring Operations;
  • GMDSS;
  • Gas & Chemical carries;
  • VTS Control;
  • Modulo di allineamento per Ufficiali di navigazione di coperta e macchina.

  • The training courses meet both the STCW ’78-’95 Convention requirements, including those for navigation officials and "skippers" and those extra curricular courses related to maritime, lagoon and river navigation.

    It is important to mention that the courses for navigation officials and “skippers” with reference to the law by Legislative Decree 5th October 2000, are aimed at both navy graduates as well as general high school graduates.

    The certificates for these courses and those for the simulation training courses are awarded by the Italian State Administration on completion and pass of the final exam which is held at the Venice Maritime School.